In Defense Of Using A WordPress Theme

Those of us who create websites for a living have a lot of foundational agreement on how great WordPress is as a platform. Yet there is topic area that I cannot agree on with my peers: The idea that pros don’t use themes for WordPress; we create from scratch every time.

My disagreement here is not just a casual, “You believe what you believe, I will believe what I believe.” No, I am calling out my peers as being wrong-minded. Incorrect. Missing the point. Nope. Stop that. Continue Reading


4 Branding Trends I Experienced in 2014

A week from right now we will well into 2015, and I have a hunch that 2015 will be another year of surprises in branding, just as 2014 was.

Throughout 2014 I kept tabs on what my branding agency was being asked to create, as well as how the guidance we provided steered toward certain trends. Here are 4 of those branding trends I experienced in 2014.
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Better Branding Works In Political Campaigns

Until November 4, 2014 every political campaign my business had designed for ended up losing.

Sure, the losing campaigns amounted to a whopping two campaigns, but it was enough for me to question if this was a worthy niche to work within.

But then our client was re-elected during this past election cycle, and my hope and faith in branding for political campaigns has been restored.

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