What I Learned From A WordPress Security Nightmare

It seems we can’t go a full week without reading a headline about a website security breach. Usually the story is about a big corporation because in headline news, the old adage “if it bleeds, it leads” is still applicable in the digital age.

Yet there are countless website security breaches that happen every day on the websites of small businesses, solopreneurs, non-profits, and bloggers that go unreported. These security breaches cause anxiety and stress unlike anything else in business when the website owner(s) and caretaker(s) don’t have a plan in place for a security nightmare.
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In Defense Of Using A WordPress Theme

Those of us who create websites for a living have a lot of foundational agreement on how great WordPress is as a platform. Yet there is topic area that I cannot agree on with my peers: The idea that pros don’t use themes for WordPress; we create from scratch every time.

My disagreement here is not just a casual, “You believe what you believe, I will believe what I believe.” No, I am calling out my peers as being wrong-minded. Incorrect. Missing the point. Nope. Stop that.

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