The Big Bad Screen Scroll Monster

I have forwarded this article from UX Magazine to a few select clients, and after a few days of thinking it through I believe it is worth sharing here.

A lot of the article reads as inside baseball, but there’s one section that everyone needs to know if you own a business or help run a business:

Stop thinking of screens and start thinking of transitions

We are just starting to realize that the “screens” approach doesn’t cut it when it comes to mobile design. Thanks to apps like Facebook Paper or Yahoo! Weather that showcase a different way of designing, we know we need to design based on transitions rather than still images.

Transitions, once just disposable eye-candy, are becoming the center of a mobile experience. They not only give a live, interactive tone to the interface: they are an interface element in their own right. Transitions convey movement, space, change, and hierarchy and are a great ally in communicating the underlying app structure to the user. They also render a static approach useless.

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WordPress Themes and Deck Lumber

A Parable

So I wanted to build a deck as part of my home’s improvement.

How difficult can building a deck be? It’s just wood, nuts, bolts, screws, etc. I see decks on so many homes, it seems like anyone can have a deck. Plus, if I get a pre-built model, it will come with instructions. Simple.

This will be easy. (right?)

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Confession: I’m not as active in social media as I appear


This is a  post to spill the beans on how I handle my social media posts for my business, Brand Shepherd, as well as my LinkedIn profile.

“Perception is reality.” Perhaps never before has this adage rang as true as it does in the social media- / digitally-driven culture we live in.

As a self employed creative professional it’s important that I work a little extra smarter than my competitors, share a little more of what I learn along the way, and yet do so without over-sharing.

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WordPress Woes: The Importance Of Listening

A wayward website: The image above is what it looks like to visitors when Google smacks a website’s hand for not listening to the hired web professional.

Designing easy-to-use websites is at the core of what we do at Brand Shepherd, and we accomplish that by building websites on the WordPress platform. We view design as being as much about what it looks like as how it works, as well as why it should look and work as it does. It’s a cohesive design approach: What, how, why.

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