CompXL suffered from ambiguity in messaging towards its audience. The main call-to-action on its website asked readers to schedule a 30-minute product demo, but without presenting a clear understanding of the brand’s product offering or who it was designed for, the brand’s effectiveness was hampered.


By identifying CompXL’s ideal customers and their overlapping pain points, the brand was able to redefine itself as a powerhouse for compensation planners who need specific types of flexibility in their tech stack for complex incentive planning.


CompXL seeks big thinkers; the bold and ambitious employers willing to pioneer innovative compensation structures to attract and retain top-tier talent. Cookie-cutter raises and slim benefits are made through simpler, inflexible platforms – not CompXL.



Top performers go where they feel appreciated and compensated. CompXL gives HR professionals the toolkit to amplify their comp creativity while keeping the administrative burden low, which lets businesses attract, reward, and retain the very best talent in their organization.



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