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As a Brand Consultant, I specialize in helping brands achieve clarity about their ideal people, presence, and purpose. Using a proprietary process, I have developed called Vibe, Tribe, & Why™, the clarity brands gain from working with me allows them to reach business goals and increase revenues. Brand clarity directly leads to revenue increase.

When brands achieve clarity about their presence, people, and purpose, creating their brand architecture and a strategy to execute comes easily.

My consultancy work directly leads to healthier, more profitable brands.

Let’s get to work on your brand.

As a Fractional Chief Experience Officer, I have the opportunity to work closely with various brands and agencies, providing expert guidance and assistance in establishing best practices in User Experience. This involves working collaboratively with stakeholders to identify key user pain points and then developing tailored solutions to enhance the overall user experience. By leveraging my extensive knowledge and experience in the field of User Experience, I ensure that my clients can stay ahead of the curve and deliver intuitive and engaging experiences for their customers.

Let’s get to work on your brand.

My longtime activity in mentoring business owners and brand stakeholders stems from the invaluable time and effort my mentors invested in me, which significantly impacted my success. I offer mentorship in both formal and informal settings, ranging from casual meetups to serving as a dedicated subject matter expert within an organization. I have mentored various esteemed organizations, including AgLaunch, Knoxville Entrepreneur Center, OCEAN, and First Batch.

Let’s get to work on your brand.