meet dan crask.

Brand Consultant | Brand Strategist | Creator of Vibe, Tribe, & Why®

brand clarity

I provide clarity for a brand’s presence, people, and purpose is foundational to everything. I created the Vibe, Tribe, & Why™  framework to provide such clarity for brands. It creates a Brand Experience guide that can be utilized by Marketing, the C-suite, HR, Operations, Investors, and more.

brand architecture

With clarity about the brand in place, I deliver brand consulting for a brand’s architecture for brands of all sizes and stages, from industry giants like J&J and Dinovite to innovative startups. Brand Architecture is Brand Clarity, organized into what people experience.

branding strategy

Brand clarity and architecture enable me to create a brand strategy that meets business goals. I am the founder and owner of Brand Shepherd, a branding agency providing strategy and creative services for product brands, and shepx, a web-focused spinoff from Brand Shepherd.

Bernice Aboud
Enginering Fellow • Johnson & Johnson
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Dan and his team were always responsive, flexible and their work product was always first-rate.
Emilie Copeland D'Agostino
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Highly knowledgeable, Dan is adept at guiding businesses in building their corporate brand, digital presence, and online visibility.
Pierre Helen Lilia
Founder • PHL
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Daniel went above and beyond to detail the step-by-step process and always took the time to answer my questions and anticipate some of my needs.
Daniel Cepeda
VP Business Strategy • ExcelAg
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Dan and team are the kind of partners your company can depend on for quality.
Andy Eckles
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Our entire team was delighted with the end result. We will continue to ask Dan and his team to engage with us on more products, websites, and user experience initiatives.
Jack Farrell
VP E-Commerce • PopSockets
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Dan is a true craftsman. Always paying attention to the smallest detail and ensuring the job gets done the right way, I loved having him on my side when working at the venture-funded startup Petbrosia in Cincinnati.
Austin Knight
Design Manager • Square
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I know very few people that are both talented enough to create incredible designs, but also goal-oriented enough to make bold moves and consistently produce results ahead of schedule. Not only is Dan a designer that I personally trust and respect, but he leads an agency that stands as one of the finest agencies I've ever worked with.
Donnie Bryant
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Dan takes the time to discover the personality of the client and making it shine through. (So many others inject their own personality into the project.)


With a focus on brand strategy and creative direction, my work has positioned brands of all sizes and stages for market success. At the helm of Brand Shepherd, shepx, and my independent brand consulting work, we’ve ensured their messaging resonates and their go-to-market strategies are actionable and effective. My approach combines creative flair with strategic insight, fostering brand clarity and customer-centric experiences.

My proprietary Vibe, Tribe, & Why™ framework is the cornerstone of my business development process, enabling a clear, consistent, and compelling narrative for each brand we partner with. Collaborating closely with clients, I empower them to breathe new life into their brands, ensuring that every strategy I develop is primed for a strong return on investment and market activation.


I find the most peace of mind when I have served my clients well and when we are honest about how brands are positioned. It brings me peace of mind when a brand’s specific audience is attracted to and remains loyal to the brand I work with. I do not thrive on competition, as it steals my peace of mind. My goal is to perform well and improve daily, which gives me peace of mind.


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