The New Era of the Clarified Brand by Dan Crask

The New Era of the Clarified Brand 

Dan Crask

Brand Consultant | Brand Strategist | Creator of Vibe, Tribe, & Why®

I believe the basics of brand marketing have radically shifted in light of the perfect cocktail of post-pandemic consumer expectations, web3, and AI.

Here’s what I now believe:

✅ Marketing’s sole job is to draw people to the Brand. Marketing’s job is no longer to build the brand any more than sales’ job because it is its entity with which marketing draws specific people to engage.

✅ Websites are now Brand experiences, not Marketing experiences. With Web1 and Web2, a website was often the gate through which people entered to experience brands. That is not so today. A brand is now experienced first via its website because consumers expect this.

✅ Marketing’s relationship to the Brand is akin to Sales, HR, Investor Relations, Operations, etc., in that they contribute to the overall vibe and success of the Brand; however, they are not the Brand. In web1 and web2, Marketing was charged with building and promoting the Brand. With web3 and AI and a post-pandemic paradigm shift of consumer expectations, the Brand is back to standing independently.

I do not expect agreement from my peers about this because I declare a sea change in how Marketing is regarded and practiced.

Yet, this is not merely an opinion. It is a report on what I am involved in daily, from massive corporations to startups and companies.

More thoughts on this come.

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