Does Your Branding Suck?

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Dan Crask Profiled For Roles In Shepherd Businesses

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I am thrilled to share a professional profile written for What’s Up Wyoming, a community news source from the small suburb of Wyoming, Ohio, near Cincinnati, where I have called home to both work and family for 12+ years. The profile is…

Customer Personas: What are they and why do they matter?

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Can your brand’s stakeholders quickly and unanimously cite its ideal customer(s)? This should be top-of-mind to ownership, managers, and key players who help grow your brand. If everyone doesn’t know precisely who the ideal customer is and be able to do…

Does Your Branding Suck?

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"Does the branding suck?" This is something you at least suspect, otherwise, why click to see what's on this page, right? Allow me to perhaps confirm your suspicions. If you suspect...

Podcast Guest: “Why It’s OK To Turn Away Business”

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I am the latest guest on the Fail To Learn podcast. Be sure to consider subscribing and leaving a review for this outstanding show. Visit Fail To Learn’s show page for tons of extras, and a free worksheet based on…

How To Take A Vacation: A step-by-step guide for business owners

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It’s late on a Friday afternoon. Most people have started their trek home or to the start of the weekend, but not me. I just fired up my business email account after not checking it for 5 days. Not even…

3 Old-Fashioned Business Practices I Still Use (and you should, too)

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I have observed that there are 3 old-fashioned business practices that need to be revived. These 3 practices seem to have died of neglect, and not of malicious intent, so I can’t blame a singular person or event for their demise….

From Subs to Supps: Rise of the YouTube Sport Supplement Brands

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I am a former obese man. Having struggled with nutrition and being overweight as a young man, I found myself  looking down at a scale in 2002 that was climbing past 325 lbs. I couldn’t look at what that final…

What I Learned From A WordPress Security Nightmare

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It seems we can’t go a full week without reading a headline about a website security breach. Usually the story is about a big corporation because in headline news, the old adage “if it bleeds, it leads” is still applicable…