hello, I'm Dan Crask.

i give clarity to brands.

brands trust me.

what I do

capture and clarify your
brand’s vibe, tribe, and why.

Using my brand development framework, I capture and clarify the elements that make brands premium, desirable experiences: a thorough understanding of people (tribe), a clear presentation of your brand’s presence (vibe), and the purpose that ties everything together (why).

By clarifying these elements, I make sure every experience with your brand is robust and profitable.

I will be blunt: Brand clarity is the most systemic competitive advantage that impacts revenue.

who i work with

brands that prioritize brand clarity.

I work with brands eager to enhance their position in the marketplace, increase sales, and establish their brand as a leader.

From Fortune 100 corporations to small and medium-sized businesses, as well as well-funded startups, I am hired as a Brand Consultant who takes a practical approach to building thriving brands.

i love what i do.

a few examples:


my insights & analysis…

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who is dan crask?

i give clarity to brands.

dan crask