Woodcrest Christian School System started developing its website overhaul strategy when it realized its brand was unclear about its presence, people, or purpose. A new website strategy could only be created once the brand was captured and clarified.


Using the Vibe, Tribe, & Why™ process, I worked with Woodcrest Christian’s key stakeholders to capture and clarify the brand.


Woodcrest Christian offers education to TK-12th grade and is a college prep school with a 100% graduation rate. Woodcrest Christian provides an education beyond academics; its vision passionately prepares students to impact the world for Christ. It focuses on providing skills beyond basic academic requirements; soft skills, integrity, and grit are part of the core curriculum.



Woodcrest Christian offers a specific type of education to a particular audience who cherishes, loves, and practices an integrated life where faith is not separate from the classroom. Woodcrest Christian attracts followers of Jesus Christ, both students and their parents/guardians alike, who believe that their entire lives will be enriched for having invested their formative years in this school system.



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