A variety of factors can lead to the visual obstruction of the score in many sports during gameplay. Typically, spectators have to deal with the reduced experience or ask someone nearby for the score.


ScoreTower® had established itself as a tangible score-keeping piece of equipment that anyone could use for backyard and BBQ games. They recognized an opportunity to create apps for scorekeeping, allowing a single scorekeeper to send the score of Little League Baseball® games or ping pong matches to an iPad for display on an in-stands scoreboard.


ScoreTower® is a family-friendly, casual, easy-to-use brand that just wants to be part of everyone having a good time playing the games they love.



It’s a fundamental part of any sport: The score.  No one at a game should have to hunt for the score. By building on long-established brand equity as the leading product for backyard game scorekeeping, creating apps for scorekeeping was perfect.



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