As a “house of brands,” the UK-based commercial kitchen equipment brand, having been acquired by Middleby, needed to give its customers a more fluid user experience to find the equipment they needed.


By spending a great deal of time and strategy on a sophisticated yet intuitive navigation and website architecture, I led the team to create a website that is massive in scale, yet to the customer, seemingly small and streamlined because they find their needed kitchen equipment with fluidity and ease.


The Lincat house of brands takes pride in its UK base of operations and can supply UK commercial kitchens from a trusted suite of brands. Innovation, durability, and reliability are at the core of Lincat brands, which has led directly to the brand’s stellar reputation.



Lincat makes a reality from the “one-stop shop” cliche by offering the best commercial kitchen equipment for various needs. They take great care to meet customers’ needs and innovate new products that they see as ways to make customers’ work better and more efficient.



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