Honored to part of book, “Entrepreneur Mind Hacks”

Dan Crask

Brand Consultant | Brand Strategist | Creator of Vibe, Tribe, & Why®

When Carey Green approached me last year to be a contributor to his forthcoming book, “Entrepreneur Mind Hacks,” I had two immediate reactions.

First, I was honored that Carey would ask me to contribute. I have nothing but respect for him, what he does, and how he presents his personal brand.

Second, I was overwhelmed. My wife and I started Brand Shepherd at the start of 2008, just before the Great Recession, survived it, grew as a business, opened and closed 3 out-of-the-house offices, managed a close network of contract talent, and worked primarily in a home office with 3 young children roaming the halls. My entire work/life story is one giant “hack” based 100% on faith in God. How am I supposed to narrow this down into a few topical “mind hacks” for a book?!

Additionally, my input is sitting alongside some pretty big hitters in the world of business professionals who have an active social media presence. It is no small feat to throw some words together and assume it will be useful or suitable for the book.

I pushed those thoughts aside and wrote several “mind hacks” for Carey’s consideration.

When I received word from Carey that all of the contributions from me and everyone else had been edited into not one book, but two books, I became immediately eager to share the books with everyone!

Carey has done a masterful job of finding professionals who are walking the walk, curating their advice into specific topics, and putting it all into 2 books that are easy to flip through. I’d almost consider these in the “reference” category because I can see how a reader would want to learn some “mind hacks” on the topic of Productivity, get out his copy of “Mind Hacks,” and read the advice therein.

Have I sold you on these books yet?!

Good. Because you can get your copies (digital) of Mind Hacks here.


If you read these books, let me know how you liked them.

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Honored to part of book, “Entrepreneur Mind Hacks”