Software developers and the brands that hire them need help discovering legitimate, open roles and talent that are a good fit. The one friction point was that Golden Squirrel was required to capture and clarify its brand so that every touch point was of value to its customers.


Using the Vibe, Tribe, & Why™ process, we captured and clarified Golden Squirrel’s customers, brand, and value. We delivered a Brand Experience Guide that provides the brand with everything in an easy-to-use format. Now, their website, marketing, and product is clear and focused.


Software developers aren’t impressed by the sleek design and clever messaging. They think in “1s and 0s,” and so that’s the vibe we captured and clarified.



By capturing and clarifying the Golden Squirrel brand for the talent it attracts and serves, the employers who list openings with the brand are served with niche talent who are the best at what they offer.



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