Doyon’s website offered customers a brand experience well over 10 years old. Finding the right baking equipment was not intuitive. Overall, the website was not an asset for the brand, as it did not sell equipment to the degree it could/should.


A new, engaging website that follows established best practices to help Doyon sell more commercial kitchen baking equipment ultimately. A new website also allowed the brand to integrate technologies with its parent brand, Middleby.


You know that feeling when you walk into an active bakery? The warmth, the smells, the atmosphere? We wanted to convey that vibe on Doyon’s new website without rebranding. Established brand equity has enormous value.



Doyon is known for its commercial bakery ovens, but the brand makes just about every piece of equipment a commercial bakery needs. In that way, Doyon puts great forethought into meeting the needs of its specific tribe, and this proactive approach, backed by the Middleby name, makes a powerful emotional impact on customers.



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