Having rebranded, Corepoint Scientific needed a new website experience that reflected its latest chapter.


I led the team through my Vibe, Tribe, & Why™ brand development process to capture and clarify the brand in the meaty areas the rebrand left out. We then used the Brand Experience Guide to craft a web experience that provided a frictionless customer journey to their desired products.


As part of the Standex Scientific division, Corepoint Scientific has a depth of expertise and comprehensive product lines for its niche customers. Leaning on the positive equity of the former brand name, coupled with the Standex name, Corepoint Scientific is positioned as a leading brand in its two main niches.



Corepoint customers need reliable scientific lab equipment. By providing a website experience that makes learning product specs fast and accurate, the brand already serves its customers at the discovery part of their journey, showing its trustworthiness from the start.



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