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This was a real joy to be part of. The Fail To Learn podcast starts with a great premise, and invites seasoned entrepreneurs to come and share their stories of failure, along with what was learned from it.

I love this concept. I find that the Startup Bubble we now find ourselves in is filled to the brim with Hallmark-worthy feelgood nonsense that is heavy on feels, and light on actual practicality. I’d rather spend 1 hour listening to an actual entrepreneur who put his/her entire financial well-being on the line for their idea than spend 2 days at an un-conference listening to founders who are held up by other peoples’ money – VC, spouse, etc. Beware of advice from people who aren’t risking of themselves what you’re risking. I find this helps reduce the number of people I take advice from, willingly, in a very simple way.

To be among such excellent risk-takers was a true honor on this show.

Dan Crask

Author Dan Crask

Hello - I'm Dan Crask. I help brands discover who they are, then express it visually. I co-own Brand Shepherd, am a husband, father of four children, and I don't believe in a work/life balance - it's all life, and all of it matters.

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