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I recently decided that the Brand Shepherd blog needed to become strictly a News feed about what we are up to, and begin channeling all of my thoughts about design, branding, etc. onto this website, dancrask.com.

The now-former Brand Shepherd blog had been an attempt on my part to write observations about branding, but to write each post from a “we” perspective rather than just me. I’d pick the brain of my team here and there before a blog post, but that only served to provide self-created obstacles to simply getting thoughts out of my head and onto our website. I didn’t want to write from a “Dan” perspective because I don’t want Brand Shepherd to be known as “Dan’s design shop.” There’s a team in place, and we have bigger goals than just what one person can accomplish.

So that brings me here. DanCrask.com is where my pre-Brand Shepherd portfolio resides, but I’d like to add some of the pro bono work I do occasionally, too.

And now with this new section, Thoughts, I can post ideas in short form to get them out there to hopefully contribute to what creative professionals so, as well as the businesses that hire us.

I’d like to emphasize that my goal is to post in short form. If you’ve ever worked with me, you know I am not at a loss for written words, and that causes important info to get lost in my tendency to write long-form. As my wife often tells me, “Just get to the point already!” – that is my goal, a personal challenge.

Topics I plan to write about in the near future:

  • Does the creative team need to be true believers in the brand they’re working on?
  • Red Flags: When to fire a client.
  • There’s no such thing as “good design.”

So, stay tuned. I plan to write uncensored thoughts here that are hopefully challenging and enlightening.

Dan Crask

Author Dan Crask

Hello - I'm Dan Crask. I help brands discover who they are, then express it visually. I co-own Brand Shepherd, am a husband, father of four children, and I don't believe in a work/life balance - it's all life, and all of it matters.

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