This is a  post to spill the beans on how I handle my social media posts for my business, Brand Shepherd, as well as my LinkedIn profile.

“Perception is reality.” Perhaps never before has this adage rang as true as it does in the social media- / digitally-driven culture we live in.

As a self employed creative professional it’s important that I work a little extra smarter than my competitors, share a little more of what I learn along the way, and yet do so without over-sharing.

The challenge is that I tend to binge read and discover. It’s not fluid. If I were to share what I found insightful when I found it I would have big groups of posts on social media which no one would read, and I’d be guilty of over-sharing. No one likes that.

Yet I need to share so that I’m viewed as the thought leader I am working hard to be in areas of branding, product packaging, and the mobile web – especially how those three areas work together.

That’s where HootSuite comes to my rescue.

Those who follow me and my business on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus see daily posts on the aforementioned topics. By the time those links make my social channels I’ve read them days prior. Even this post was written days before you’re now seeing it because I scheduled it to appear Saturday, August 3 at 9:45am through HootSuite.

I read what I find interesting, and then use HootSuite to schedule posts at times that I have found to get the most eyes. Even though 95% of my posts do not talk about my business or my work directly, 100% of my posts are in the context of what I do, what my business does.


This is how thought-leadership is identified in the minds of our prospect clients: We aim to show what we’re thinking about, who/what we agree with, and show trends that we are aiming toward.

Over time this builds trust.

I’ve had several project opportunities because the business owner saw my posts about my particular sets of expertise, and trusted that I knew what is happening in those expertise.

The point here is that we are busy, and don’t have time each day to read and share. I have found HootSuite to be my go-to resource to cache all of the interesting content I read, but share it at a pace (twice per day at the very most, even on weekends) that doesn’t make into Mr. Spam The News Feed. No one likes that brand. Give HootSuite a try.

Executional Specifics:

  • I use HootSuite’s Chrome extension called HootSuite Hootlet. Look for it in Chrome’s Web Store.
  • Posts go out to Brand Shepherd’s Twitter, Google+, and Facebook pages, along with my LinkedIn profile.
  • There is a lot of research on what time of day is best to post. For my network of connections, I see that I get the most clicks and feedback when I post early in the morning (5-7am) or late afternoon or late night. During the day is no-man’s land for me.
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Hello - I'm Dan Crask. I help brands discover who they are, then express it visually. I co-own Brand Shepherd, am a husband, father of four children, and I don't believe in a work/life balance - it's all life, and all of it matters.

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