4 Marketing Slang Terms I (currently) Enjoy

By June 3, 2013Branding

Marketing slang can be terrible and over used. But it can also be insightful and descriptive in a way that puts words to a sense of how things are in a season.

I’ve heard a lot of conversations about bad marketing slang, but I’d like to list some of the good stuff before it gets over- and misused, i.e., terrible.

Here are 4 marketing slang terms I (currently) enjoy:

Bring to life. This is a great phrase that has been gaining steam over he last few years. It is useful for describing both the emotion and the execution of an idea.

Bandwidth. Some would argue this has jumped the shark already, but I feel it has life left in it. Asking and talking about bandwidth is an efficient way to cover time and willingness to take on a new endeavor.

Your mileage may vary. Sometimes we need a new way to expand and communicate an old idea. This is one. “To each his/her own” is good, but doesn’t quite say that what I use for X may be different for you.

Brand Equity. After all the work we put into crafting consistently branded experiences, it all adds up to a collective mass. But what do we call it?! Equity. That’s what we call it. It’s terrific shorthand for the myriad things we work on together, and their collective value.

There’s no shortage of opinions and blog posts on what marketing jargon people don’t like, but these are 4 I do like…for now. What do you find useful?

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