The 4 Key Ingredients To Building A Brand, Part 2: The Brand’s Customer Personas

By March 6, 2017Branding

Brand development is an exercise of examining what the brand is and is not, and then codifying the discoveries in a way that the brand owner(s) and stakeholder(s) can easily leverage to grow the brand.

Here are what I know to be the second of the 4 key ingredients for building a brand:

Part 2: The Brand’s Customer Personas

Preface: Read Part 1 here.

Equally important to the brand’s voice is the customer persona the brand is talking to.

Brands that lack focus are not successful brands. You need to know who you are talking to, what their buying habits are, lifestyle choices, etc.

The brand voice will be compelling and even familiar when it speaks the sub-cultural language of its customers.

A good example is the sport of basketball. I sometimes love watching and listening to basketball because I have no idea what the announcers and advertisers are talking about. It’s a sport full of language and assumptions that make absolutely no sense to me. Yet it makes a lot of sense to its fans, and those fans become customers.

Customer personas will help identity the age, location, lifestyle, buying habits, values, and more of the people who we want to become loyal to the brand.

FTR: I came of age in the greater Chicagoland area watching Jordan win 6 rings with Da Bulls. Today’s basketball product is a vastly inferior product compared to yesteryear; once I’ve had steak, it’s hard to chew on cheap ground chuck.

In the next segment, I’ll cover Part 3: The Brand’s “Why?” This is likely the most familiar part of brand development, as most people have heard Mr. Sinek’s message, or at least heard someone else reference the approach of “Start With ‘Why?'”

If you can’t wait for all 4 articles to post, please contact me today so we can discuss how to develop your new or existing brand.

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