The 4 Key Ingredients To Building A Brand, Part 1: The Brand Voice

By February 26, 2017Branding

Brand development is an exercise of examining what the brand is and is not, and then codifying the discoveries in a way that the brand owner(s) and stakeholder(s) can easily leverage to grow the brand.

Here are what I know to be the first of the 4 key ingredients for building a brand:

Part 1: The Brand Voice

The brand is always speaking. It’s persuading, selling, and providing delight for its people.

But what’s the tone of voice the brand uses? What words, specifically, make up it’s lexicon?

For instance, would the brand use humor or maturity to describe itself in an ad?

While it’s true that the brand is going to reflect the values and even personalities of its key stakeholders, the brand ought to present as an entity of its own: Its own personality, value propositions, and tone of voice.

Developing the brand voice is done through a number of exercises, none of which are considered the only or exclusive method. Things like developing a set of words (lexicon), a list of things the brand would never do or say, exercises of distilling its origin story, and so on. Usually the brand development specialist (like me) will come to the table with a proven and comfortable methodology to develop the brand voice.

The end-product is a foundational element to the fully-developed brand.

In the next segment, I’ll cover Part 2: The Brand’s Customer Personas. This is where we put the brand voice to work.

If you can’t wait for all 4 articles to post, please contact me today so we can discuss how to develop your new or existing brand.

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